On February 4th people from various churches united as The Hope Movement​ to continue the work in transforming an abandoned lot on North Ave. into a Haven of Hope Community Garden, but part of that work of love is to not only plant seeds in soil but in hearts. With that in mind we set up a tent with a sign saying "Need Prayer" and the people came and asked for prayer, we preached the Gospel worshiped God and provided nearly over 80 meals and coffee to those in need.

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Hope Movement In Action - December 2016

Check out The Hope Movement in action in December 2016



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5:30p.m. - 10:30p.m.


Join the first of its kind Facebook Live-A-Thon at www.facebook.com/hopemovement. We will be broadcasting live through Facebook sharing the vision that God has given us, the work that has been accomplished and our goal for 2017. This is a great opportunity to learn more about The Hope Movement and to join The Hope Movement by giving to one of our awesome projects in Guatemala, Kenya, Baltimore and other places around the world.


In these days and times we all need hope, we are called to be the hands of God going into all of the world preaching the Gospel and helping those in need. Join us for this special event online to answer God's call to action.

Morning Devotion by Jonathan Roiz speaking from the heart about the Truth about God's Grace.

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Facebook Live-A-Thon: December 29, 2016

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Merry Christmas from The Hope Movement

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


We are grateful for all that God has giving us. Through His son Jesus we have the greatest gift of all, salvation. How amazing is His grace, that although we don't deserve it He died for our sins so that we can be justified, made righteous and adopted into His family. Let us never forget His great love and make every effort to be more like Christ in all that we say and do.


Thank you for being part of The Hope Movement. We pray that together 2017 will bring revival to the church and awaking throughout the nations.



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Guatemalan's Helping in Time of Need

The month of December has been difficult for The Hope Movement. Lack of donations have caused us to suspend activities and threatened to close centers, but we are trusting in God's provision as this is His vision, His work. In middle of the suffering people like the Villanueva family in Guatemala stepped up as a family and collected needed supplies to help us continue feeding the hungry. They came out this week to cook and minister to the children in our Haven of Hope Center in Escuintla, Guatemala.


Jonathan, Founder of The Hope Movement sharing a message from our Haven of Hope Community Garden on North Ave. in Baltimore City and visiting a neighbor who lives next to our garden which was previously a vacant lot filled with drugs and prostitution.


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Although we are feeding children who lack food at home, although we are educating children who lack education from parents, the most important seed we can plant in their hearts is the Gospel.


Check out The Hope Movement In Action in November 2016!


We Need Your Financial Support to Continue.


Please Give TODAY!


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