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Project 010: Hope for Orphans - Kenya

In Kenya, Africa there is a wonderful man named Pastor Fredrick Manhanu. He pastors a small church of 100 people and has a heart for the poor. For the last 5 years Pastor Fredrick has been working with 33 orphans who lost their parents because of HIV/AIDS, Malaria or abandonment. Not having an orphanage he did something creative, he called upon the church to be the hands of God and open their homes to these precious children. The church members responded and that birthed a foster program where church members are caretakers of these 33 orphans. The Hope Movement is helping to cover the children’s expenses so that they can eat 3 times a day and go to school to receive a quality education giving them hope for a brighter future and breaking the cycle of poverty. They also in need of basic assistance as there caretakers are not wealthy with material goods, but rich in love, so they are in need assistance to purchase bedding supplies, clothing and shoes, cover medical expenses and mosquito nets for their beds to protect them from malaria.

Project 004: Haven of Hope - San Juan Sacatepequez, Guatemala

Witness hope rising in this beautiful mountainous indigenous community. Witness children in traditional Indian attire who work instead of going to school because they have to find food for their families, but now have a place to receive a meal, education, counseling and love. Witness a community plagued with indigenous pagan religious beliefs but now have a church where they can learn about the love of Jesus Christ. For several years The Hope Movement has been traveling into this mountain village to minister to the people who have been forgotten by society. We travel up a mountain by car, walk down the hillside, cross a river and walk up a hillside to arrive in this village. The pastor has been ministering to this community for over four years and has a small church made of wood and pieces of metal. The indigenous people survive off the land, making their own traditional clothing, planting vegetables and raising animals. The Hope Movement will be building a cement church building by the river for easier access for the community and in 2014 we installed a water well and purification system to provide clean water to the people. In July 2014 we opened a feeding/ education center in the church where over 50 children who do not attend church are coming to the center to receive a hot meal, education, counseling and love. This outreach center is opening the doors to reach the families for Jesus Christ, breaking the bondage of pagan religious traditions, abuse and hopelessness.


Project 005: Haven of Hope - Villa Lobos, Guatemala

Off the highway leaving Guatemala City is a place called Villa Lobos, a red zone known for poverty, broken families, gang violence and hopelessness. Rising from the ashes of despair is a church-based feeding/ education center which provide meals to the hungry, education to increase their knowledge, counseling to heal their wounds, prayer and spiritual guidance to find salvation and eternal joy. On October 30, 2014 The Hope Movement launched a new church-based feeding/ education center in partnership with our long-time friend Pastor William Lopez and his church Iglesia Genesis JMA. Over half of the children in our center do not attend church opening the doors to not only minster to their material needs but provide a heart transformation bringing families into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.


Taged in Past Projects

Project 001: Haven of Hope - Escuintla, Guatemala

Located in Colonia of Madrid and San Felipe, Escuintla, Guatemala the Haven of Hope is providing daily nutritious meals which is essential for survival and development to the most vulnerable of children in the community, children who most days live on less than a piece of bread a day, and spend their time in the streets begging and searching for food for their families. In attending the Haven of Hope The Hope Movement does not just provide physical nourishment, but through education and counseling we provide spiritual and emotional nourishment to guide youth and adults, heal their inner wounds, and inspire them to pursue their life’s purpose, understanding that poverty is not their destiny, it is only an obstacle to overcome to make their dreams into a reality. The Haven of Hope provides daily meals, preschool, education, counseling, tutoring classes, life-skills training, English classes, clothing distribution, wheelchairs, school outreach, case management, adult and family counseling and spiritual education and guidance.

Project 002: Haven of Hope - Guatemala City, Guatemala

Instead of building new centers we partner and train churches, using their facilities and congregation to serve their community, allowing us to be good financial stewards while empowering the local church. In December 2013 The Hope Movement developed a partnership with Pastor David Martinez and his wife Ingris, a passionate couple with a heart to serve the poor in a community where their church is located in Guatemala City called Zona 12. Each week children come to the church-based feeding/ education center to receive physical and spiritual nourishment. The children come from broken homes, and find a place of refuge where they can feel loved, receive education, counseling and prayer. The homes of the families are visited to provide additional assistance. 98% of the children are not from the church which opens the doors to share the love of Jesus to them and their families. Through this program the church is growing as they come for food, but leave with Jesus.

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