Past Projects

Disaster Relief: El Salvador

In 2004 The Hope Movement answered the cries of God's servants, Pastor Brando Molina and his beautiful wife, and 4 children. At that time their three boys were 14, 12 ,and 10 years old and their little girl is 6 years old. They are Pastors' of a small church in El Salvador with a passion to bring a positive change within their communities. In taking on this responsibility of helping others they have had to suffer many hardships. Because of heavy rains and poor construction of their roof water was pouring into their home. The items in their home were bring destroyed such as furniture, clothing, and items that reflect their memories. Because of the water pouring into the home, the children became sick, but they had no money to take them to the Doctors, nor did they have the money to provide basic meals to keep their fragile bodies strong.


With the help of Marta Noguera we obtained donations to help build a roof for the Molina family and provide needed supplies which were destroyed by the rain.

Project 002: Haven of Hope - Guatemala City, Guatemala

Instead of building new centers we partner and train churches, using their facilities and congregation to serve their community, allowing us to be good financial stewards while empowering the local church. In December 2013 The Hope Movement developed a partnership with Pastor David Martinez and his wife Ingris, a passionate couple with a heart to serve the poor in a community where their church is located in Guatemala City called Zona 12. Each week children come to the church-based feeding/ education center to receive physical and spiritual nourishment. The children come from broken homes, and find a place of refuge where they can feel loved, receive education, counseling and prayer. The homes of the families are visited to provide additional assistance. 98% of the children are not from the church which opens the doors to share the love of Jesus to them and their families. Through this program the church is growing as they come for food, but leave with Jesus.

Reaching Children for Jesus: Iquitos, Peru

Located in the Amazon city of Iquitos, Peru our Reaching Children for Jesus program is one of the only outreach programs in Iquitos, Peru, providing weekly nutritious meals to the most vulnerable of children in the community, children who most days live on less than a piece of bread a day, and spend their time in the streets begging and searching for food for their families. Children live in wooden huts on stilts located above the Amazon River and are transported from their home to our center by canoe. A nutritious meal is essential for survival and development. In attending the program the Hope Movement does not just provide physical nourishment, but through education and counseling we provide spiritual and emotional nourishment to guide children, heal their inner wounds, and inspire them to pursue their life’s purpose, understanding that poverty is not their destiny, it is only an obstacle to overcome to make their dreams into a reality. 

Reconnecting Immigrant Children

In 2009 a social worker from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service was referred to Jonathan Roiz, founder of The Hope Movement to assist in reconnecting Mauricio an immigrant boy from Mexico would was displaced and being deported. They were in search for his family so that he is not deported to the dangerous streets of his home town of Reynosa. Jonathan began his detailed search for connections in Mexico and on the boarder. Through a difficult search God lead him to some pastors who lived near the boarder and were willing to travel to Reynosa to search for the boys family. Pastor Jose Iglesias with Grace Lutheran Church in Arlington, Texas was able to get in contact with the community and obtain phone numbers for the minor's family, which were passed along to the facility where Mauricio was being held. The social worker met with the minor and he informed her that he was able to speak with his family.


These are common acts of compassion that take place through The Hope Movement behind the scenes. Often humbly taken on without many even knowing it except for God. This is our heart, to answer God's call and be willing to say send me I'll go.

Building a Church Roof: Costa Rica

In 2008 Pastor William Obando contacted Jonathan Roiz, Founder of The Hope Movement regarding the construction of a church building and feeding center in San SebastìanSan Josè, Costa Rica which is part of an area called Moravia. They had been using a tent for 6 years for their church meetings and feeding center and were in urgent need to build a roof for the church building. After much prayer The Hope Movement was able send the needed funds to complete the construction. Today this church has a large congregation and community outreach helping hundreds of people throughout the community. 

Project 005: Haven of Hope - Villa Lobos, Guatemala

Off the highway leaving Guatemala City is a place called Villa Lobos, a red zone known for poverty, broken families, gang violence and hopelessness. Rising from the ashes of despair is a church-based feeding/ education center which provide meals to the hungry, education to increase their knowledge, counseling to heal their wounds, prayer and spiritual guidance to find salvation and eternal joy. On October 30, 2014 The Hope Movement launched a new church-based feeding/ education center in partnership with our long-time friend Pastor William Lopez and his church Iglesia Genesis JMA. Over half of the children in our center do not attend church opening the doors to not only minster to their material needs but provide a heart transformation bringing families into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.


Hope for Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the 8th most populous nation in the world. The nation is 86.6% Islam, 12.1% Hinduism, 0.6% Buddhism and 0.4% Christianity. Jonathan Roiz, Founder / President of The Hope Movement became friends with Pastor Suku Ranjon Sikder in Bangladesh. Jonathan felt God giving him a bur den for this nation and was inspired by this pastor who has dedicated everything to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the sick, helping orphans and widows of various religions in dangerous conditions while also sharing the Jesus Film to evangelize to those who don't know Jesus Christ.


Pastor Suku founder of Mighty300 Ministries Welfare Trust Bangladesh also rents a small building which is a safe place for Christians as well as people of other religions to come and find literature about Jesus Christ, a place to grow spiritually in the Bible and disciple new Christians. The Hope Movement was able to supply Pastor Suku with donated digital cameras, evangelism materials, food packs to assist him in his efforts to transform Bangladesh. We also were able to supply funds to feed the hungry and paid for the installation of electricity in the ministry center as they never had electricity.

Project 006: Haven of Hope - Palin, Guatemala

You drive into this community of unpaved roads and cement buildings; you walk through a small path between buildings leading you to a mini city of homes for over 500 families constructed of rusted pieces of metal, wood, nylon and cardboard. No electricity, no water and no sanitation, just a dark shell which they call home. This is where the children in our new church-based feeding/ education center live. Their families struggle to provide food for their children and long for a hope for a brighter tomorrow. The pastor in this community felt alone, he saw the daily struggles of the people but had no resources to help the people. In February 2015 The Hope Movement developed a relationship with this church and designed a plan to open a program which is now reaching over 50 children and their families each week providing meals, education, counseling and spiritual guidance. The program empowers the church to answer their call to serve the poor; the people come for food but leave with Jesus and an everlasting hope transforming their homes and community into a haven of hope.

Project 007: Seeds of Hope Bible Institute - Guatemala

We live in a society that desperately is in need of Biblically prepared leaders to respond to the questions and challenges that we are facing during these final days. This is not an easy task in a world that is in constant change and transformation. SEEDS OF HOPE Bible Institute, with the help of God and under the guidance of Holy Spirit addresses these needs by offering leaders in Latin America and around the world quality instruction and essential training for effective ministry. SEEDS OF HOPE also provides a safe environment where leaders can share their experiences, concerns and desires with other fellow servants. The Hope Movement Seeds of Hope Program for Leadership Studies offers pastors and leaders the opportunity to study the Bible in a systematic, contextualized, practical and creative way while at the same time teaching them how to share the Word of God in a comfortable yet powerful atmosphere. Objectives: To develop each student into an effective minister of the gospel, leading to a ministry that is fully guided by the Holy Spirit. Purpose: To establish an interdenominational Christian institute to train men and women called to ministry and develop ministries that go with the flow of God reaching outside of the four walls of the comfort zone to impact nations. Witness a churches going back to their Biblical roots and preaching a non-watered down message from God based on Biblical principles. 

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