Guatemala: Teaching Theology 101

Guatemala: Teaching Theology 101

The Hope Movement does not just want to meet the physical needs of children and families but also plant seeds of the Gospel in their hearts and make disciples of Christ. Often programs for children whether it be a feeding center, school, orphanage, children's church or Sunday school we water down the Gospel to be at their "level" in fact we do this for adults as well. Most professing Christians don't even know the basics of theology such as Who God really is, the depravity of man, repentance, justification, adoption, election, sanctification and much more. These are essential in order to be a Christian. 


So we have developed a manual, translated it into Spanish and have begun teaching Theology 101: Everything We Didn't Learn In Sunday School. Our prayer is the make disciples, raising up Christian leaders who will lead in their families and communities.

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