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New Video: Revival - Pastor Craig Cole

Revival, a sermon by Pastor Craig Cole, Pastor of a home church called Discipleship Community Church in New Castle, PA and board member of The Hope Movement.

Hope at the Trash Dump

On June 15th our team in Guatemala traveled to Puerto de San Jose where we met a beautiful group of children at a local school, most who live four kilometers (3 Miles) away from the school in the village Los Tubos. They live and work at the trash dump to help their families survive by recycling materials found in the dump. These children travel by old raggedy bikes or by foot alone or in groups amid sugar cane and banana crops in order to study at this school. We met the school director, Azmitia and a teacher and they explained to us that the children often arrive to school with an empty stomach, making it difficult for them to focus on their studies. 

Help us This Month

Every month we live by faith and trust in God to provide for the responsibilities that we have of providing thousands of meals, education, counseling, evangelism and much more to hundreds of children and families who live in desperate need. This month we are short to cover the feeding costs for our centers in Guatemala. Please consider giving a donation today to help us fulfill the will of God. We need faithful partners such as you to join us by praying with us and feeling the burden we feel and help us by giving. We thank you for standing with us in prayer and for giving to help us help those in need.


We Love you!


Our Goal by September 1st is $5,000 to support our mission to Africa and projects in Guatemala.

Tables and Chairs Needed

We have 6 centers throughout Guatemala providing thousands of meals each month. We have so many children and families that we are in desperate need of tables and chairs, nothing fancy just plastic tables and chairs where they can eat and learn comfortably and with dignity.


Please consider giving a donation today to help purchase tables and chairs!

House Church in Nuevo Amanecer

For centuries the church has been growing in large buildings, fancy lighting, extravagant musical productions, and predictable emotion driven services. The first century Christian were more spontaneous, all participated, share, edified in home churches. In third world countries going back to the basics is not only economically intelligent but also obedient to the design of God.



Baltimore: Mission Field in Our Backyard

On Saturday June 4, 2016 a team of volunteer missionaries from Baltimore and as far as Kent Island came to The Hope Movement's vacant lot transformed into a Haven of Hope Community Garden to volunteer a couple of hours of their day to cut the grass, paint recycled tires that we are using as artistic flower beds, clean up trash, landscape and share of the love of Jesus to those in the community.



Testimony: Rositas Faith

Rosita who we helped when she was a baby to recover from malnutrition and TB asked for prayer because she was sick her finger was swollen and hurt. She attends with her family the programs at the Haven of Hope and also attends our Bible/ Prayer Cell Group. Saturday June 4th it was raining very hard and a large storm was over the horizon but she still came alone to show us that her finger was healed. These testimonies encourages us to continue serving the Lord for those in need and especially children of the Haven of Hope in Escuintla, Guatemala.

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Taken to Heaven

Life is just a stepping-stone A pause before we make it home A simple place to rest and be, Until we reach eternity. Everyone has a life journey, A path to take with lots to see God guides our steps along the way, But we were never meant to stay. Our final destination is a place Filled with love, His majesty and grace. Today we celebrate the life of a loved one Who has gone before us, the race he has won. His journey has now ended, His spirit has ascended Claiming the great reward With Jesus, our Lord. 


New Video: The Hope Movement In Action in May 2016

Check out just some of the life transforming activities we conducted in the month of May. Thousands of meals were service, Bible Study/ Prayer cell groups were started, church services held in our center in Guatemala City, food distribution, clothing distribution, counseling sessions and much more.

Your gifts are making a difference and we can't continue without your partnership. 


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