Guatemalan's Helping in Time of Need

Guatemalan's Helping in Time of Need

The month of December has been difficult for The Hope Movement. Lack of donations have caused us to suspend activities and threatened to close centers, but we are trusting in God's provision as this is His vision, His work. In middle of the suffering people like the Villanueva family in Guatemala stepped up as a family and collected needed supplies to help us continue feeding the hungry. They came out this week to cook and minister to the children in our Haven of Hope Center in Escuintla, Guatemala.


They collected...

75lb sugar, 86lb rice, 79lb of black beans, 10lb of salt, 5lb chickpea, 5lb lentil, 5lb white beans, 18 liters of cooking oil, 60 packages of pasta, 8lb of maseca, 2 packages of incaparina, 24 instant soups, 26 pounds of oats and 2 packs of coffee.


Please feel what we feel, feel the responsibility we carry on our shoulders and help us by praying and giving.

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