Bring Hope To Orphans In Kenya

Bring Hope To Orphans In Kenya

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ Jesus,


May God be glorified through all that we do, let it be God who receives the praise for He is worthy, for it is only through Him and by Him that we have been saved and called to work on His behalf to preach the Gospel and help those in need.


We write you today to share what God is doing through The Hope Movement, a Christian 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation. We hope you will take a moment to get to know us, our love for Christ, our love for others and the work we do throughout the world.


There is so much need and we have so much opportunity to meet that need, but we need people like you to stand beside us through prayer and giving to help bring souls to Christ, help the poor, care for the orphan and widow while God is glorified through our acts of love.


Please take some time to learn more about us and please prayerfully consider giving a donation of any amount to one of our many life-changing projects.


Soli Deo Gloria (Glory To God Alone)


Grace and peace,


Founder/ President/ Missionary


Give A Donation To Help Provide The Following To Kenyan Orphans:


1. Food
2. Scholarships
3. Build New Houses for the Orphans
4. Mosquito Nets
5. Clothing and Shoes
6. Purchase Land
7. Farming Program
8. Widow Assistance
9. Medical Care
10. Water Well


Our Story:


In Kenya, Africa there is a wonderful man named Pastor Fredrick Manhanu. He pastors a small church and has a heart for the poor. For the last 5 years Pastor Fredrick has been working with 120 orphans who lost their parents because of HIV/AIDS, Malaria or abandonment. Not having an orphanage he did something creative, he called upon the church to be the hands of God and open their homes to these precious children. The church members responded and that birthed a foster program where church members are caretakers of these 120 orphans.


The Hope Movement is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit ministry registered in the United States and Kenya united with Pastor Fredrick and formed a board of Kenyan Christians to help ignite a movement a hope impacting communities and transforming them into havens of hope. Our team consists of Pastors, Church members, Nurses, Previously Orphaned Children, men and women, young and old who feel called by God to preach the Gospel and bring hope to those living in desperate situations.


Currently the ministry is caring for 120 children in our foster home program, with an additional 100 children in need of a loving home who have been recently brought to us, many from Uganda. Although the families caring for the children are doing the best they can in spite of their impoverished conditions, the children truly need to be located in one centralized location. They also are in need of improved living conditions as many sleep in small rooms with other children.


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